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Foundation Inspections

When the conditions of a foundation are unknown, an Allnamics Foundation Inspection will help you to determine the status of the foundation of your property.
Based on our experience, we can consult on the required actions for keeping the foundation in shape for the  coming decennia.
Contact Remco Offenberg at offenberg@allnamics.eu

Funderingsinspectie Visuele Inspectie Gevel
PDA Fistuca Rotterdam

Predictions of pile driving

Pile Driving Predictions are performed to predict the pile, soil and pile driving hammer behaviour during installation of foundation piles as well as large diameter monopiles. By doing this in advance, during the engineering stage, troubles during installation can be avoided. Is the pile driving hammer heavy enough, does it deliver enough energy to install the pile to its designed penetration depth? Are the pile stresses during installation acceptable? Or are the stresses in the (mono)pile during installation too high, leading to unacceptable
fatigue damage? And are the stresses in the monopile during installation not to high, leading to unacceptable fatigue level?
By making Pile Driving Predictions using the AllWave-PDP software , answers on these type of questions can be generated by modelling the pile, soil and hammer and simulating the driving process. For sheet pile walls, foundation piles, offshore piles and wind farm monopiles.

Predictions Vibratory Hammer – VPD

Like the Pile Driving Predictions for impacts hammers (PDP), simulations can be made for piles installed by means of a vibratory hammer. Comparable to the results with PDP, one can study the efficiency of a vibratory hammer, maximum reachable penetration or refusal level, the maximum stresses and the amount of fatigue. Using the AllWave-VDP software and a large database of predicted and monitored results, leads to reliable prediction results.

Intrilpredictie riffgat owf
Sheet Pile Wall

Sheet Pile Wall Design

One of our specialisations is the design and calculations of sheet pile walls and retaining wall constructions, both temporary and permanent structures.

Calculations can be made for both final stage design as well as for installation (Vibratory Driving Prediction).

Second opinion and construction disputes

As a specialist in the field of pile testing and geotechnical designs, Allnamics can assist you with the design of all geotechnical structures, as well as being you partner in foundations design.

Led by the experience of many years, the experts of Allnamics are able to consult and assist you in arbitration cases and court processes.

Plaxis Calculations
Intrilpredictie Anholt wind farm

Site design

Site conditions can be easy or severe. At any time, the soil resistance at site should be able to resist the loads. Loads during installing the piles, and at working conditions. Allnamics can help you, based on many years of experience of pile testing, pile design revisions, etc.

Monitoring and prediction of vibrations

Building activities lead to vibrations on the building site and its surroundings. Both construction related traffic
and crane movements as well as foundation installation activities lead to vibrations in the subsurface and nearby buildings.
Neighbours will certainly be sensitive for these types of vibrations. Allnamics has developed a prediction model to predict the level of the vibrations due to pile driving activities. Whether risk of damage or nuisance, it is our expertise to determine if it is allowable or not.

VM Test Middenbeemster
VM AxilogII

Monitoring vibrations

Allnamics owns several types of sets with sensors and data acquisition units to monitor the vibration levels of structures and buildings. Depending on its application, these measurements can be controlled by staff on the building site or automatic. In automatic mode, when a prescribed level is exceeded, the monitoring system alarms the monitoring engineer, client or piling contractor about the vibration levels, so they can undertake actions to limit these vibrations.

Geotechnical Monitoring

Allnamics has developed smart tools, sensors and equipment for monitoring and recording all kinds of (geotechnical) parameters, like strain, displacements, settlements, etc.

Crackmonitoring Ellietrack
Funderingsinspectie oude houten paal fundering Amsterdam

Pile Damage Assessment

Foundations are the base of constructions. There may not be any doubts about the quality of the foundation and foundation piles, however in case of damage during or after installation, Allnamics can support with analysing the problem and propose remedial actions.
In case of damage during or after installation, Allnamics can support you with analysing troubles and problems, and propose the solving solution. For instance in case of:
– Pile damage during driving, broken or damaged pile top
– Broken piles during driving, horizontal cracks in the pile
– Early refusal of driven piles
– Broken cast in situ or bored piles
– And more…
Based on measurements during installation, i.e. during driving (PDM/PDA) the wave pattern in the piles is analysed. As a result, the cause of the damage will be determined, and its solution proposed.


Allnamics has made many contributions to international conferences. These publications are available via the Allnamics database. A selection from that:


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