The advantages and disadvantages of Dynamic Load testing and Statnamic Load Testing


Middendorp, Ginneken, Foeken






Sixth International Conference on the Application of Stress Wave Theory to Piles, Sao Paulo


Pile capacity testing by high strain dynamic loading methods is widely applied because of its economy and efficiency compared to static load testing methods (SLT). Frequently applied dynamic loading methods are dynamic load testing (DLT) and Statnamic testing (STN). The paper will deal with the very often raised question in practice: What are the advantages and disadvantages and when to apply DLT and STN when pile type and soil conditions are known. Special attention is given to DLT on cast-in-situ piles, and complicating factors like limited knowledge of concrete material properties and pile shape. The suitability of DLT and STN is discussed for cast in situ piles and driven pre-cast piles by the evaluation of reliability, economy, mobilization of capacity and the chance on pile damage.


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