As a geotechnical engineer, you will work on the geotechnical requests of our clients worldwide. You use your geotechnical knowledge and experience to support the clients with their pile installation challenges. They focus on pile, hammer, and soil behaviour and their interaction. What hammer is needed for that type of soil condition? Will it impact driving or vibratory driving? What blowcounts or driving speeds can be expected? What penetration level can be reached with a specific piling hammer? Are we able to drive through rock or vibrate through clayey layers? And many more questions from our clients regarding their onshore and offshore projects.


  • Providing expert advice on geotechnical engineering aspects of foundation installation
  • Performing driveability analyses, including analysing and characterising the geotechnical data (factual reports, CPT data, borehole leggings], modelling local soil conditions, selecting appropriate hammers, and performing driveability calculations.
  • For impact and vibratory hammers
  • Reporting and presenting results to clients and engaging in technical discussions and meetings
  • Advising on installation procedures and driving protocols
  • Participating in R&D activities, contributing specialist geotechnical knowledge to developing the AllWave software package
  • Postdictions and analysing monitoring results and driving logs after installation
  • Performing PDA & DLT monitoring projects
  • Experience with driveability software or willing to learn
  • Proficiency in technical reporting
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office, MS Excel, and Python


What do we offer?

A challenging job in a creative engineering environment. No-nonsense mentality. Team spirit based on equality. Creativity and personal initiative are encouraged.

We offer a competitive salary and benefits, depending on experience and seniority.

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Sonic Integrity Testing
Training on site to learn all in-and-outs of pile testing. Here training PDA during driving of prestressed concrete foundation piles

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