At the cutting edge of pile driving and pile testing


Middendorp, P., Verbeek, G.






9th International Conference on Testing and Design Methods for Deep Foundations; Kanasawa, Japan


The worldwide challenges to achieve a greener planet, better communications, cost-effective
and fast means of transportation, and the protection against natural hazards (such as earthquakes, floods,
tsunamis and hurricanes) continually force new developments in the area of pile foundations and pile testing.
In recent years the authors were involved in several projects responding to these challenges and some of them
are briefly presented in this paper. The paper describes the vibratory driving of 22 m diameter steel tubular
piles in China, the vibratory driving of windmill monopiles in Germany, Statnamic testing on a 2.3 m
diameter instrumented bored pile with a length of 125 m in Malaysia, the application of an advanced rapid
load testing device in Europe and recently developed pile testing equipment.


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