What happens in the soil during pile driving? G De Josselin de Jong


What happens in the soil during pile driving?

prof.dr.ir. G. de Josselin de Jong

prof.dr.ir. G. de Josselin de Jong


G. De Josselin de Jong


2022, translation of original Dutch paper published in 1956




11th Int Stress Wave Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Josselin de Jong, G. de. (2022, September 20). What happens in the soil during pile driving?. 11th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Design and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations (SW2022), Rotterdam, The Netherlands. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7143118


What happens in the soil during pile-driving?

  1. A graphical method is used to determine stress and velocity in rods under dynamic loading conditions. Application to a sample of dry sand gives regions of permanent deformation and dissipation of energy into friction. Penetration of the energy into the interior of the sample is deeper for longer duration of impact. Experiments confirm this theoretical result.
  2. The way sand saturated with water reacts on dynamic load is studied by separating stresses and velocities of the two phases. It is shown that water bears nearly total dilatation stress, while the granular skeleton is affected by rotation for high frequency loading.
  3. Impedance of rigid sphere in infinite, elastic medium is computed in order to obtain information about the impedance of a pile-toe in soil. It is shown that for high frequencies the load is mostly affecting the water stresses. The different effects of these phenomena on the reaction of a pile while driven into the soil are considered.



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