Rapid load field tests interpreted with the new Guideline


Hölscher, Brassinga, van Tol, Middendorp, Revoort






17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering, Alexandria, Egypt


Two instrumented driven piles are tested by both SLT and RLT. The measurements lead to the following conclusions:

  • SLTs show a bearing capacity of 1120 kN respectively 1150 kN. The RLT’s show a derived bearing capacity of > 1137 kN respectively 1158 kN.
  • The stiffness measured by RLT is practically useful.
  • Resistance distribution between shaft and toe in an RLT differs from an SLT, presumably due to rate effects in the soft soil.
  • Excess pore water pressures are measured close to the pile toe.
  • The UPM method in the draft guideline gives information on stiffness and bearing capacity, for the derivation of the full derived load-displacement diagram additional development is required.
  • The variable damping method must be developed further.


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