Rapid Load Testing in Germany


Rapid Load Testing in Germany

Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam

Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam


Bakker, J.; van Dorp, R.; Bielefeld, M.W.






International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement

Smart Construction for the Future

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Pile load testing can be performed by a static, rapid or high strain dynamic (generally designated as dynamic) testing method. The static load test is often considered the 'gold standard' of testing with the other methods merely 'alternatives'. However, the rapid load test, as a quasi-static test, has all the positive elements of the static alternative: the direct measurement of loads and displacements. Moreover as stress wave phenomena have no influence, the interpretation of rapid load test results is more straightforward than that of dynamic testing, and also independent of the person performing the interpretation. This paper will explore the Rapid Load Testing method and illustrate the advantages and limitations through a case study in Rostock, Germany



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