Foundation research into existing (Pile) foundations

Foundation research info existing (Pile) foundations

Do you want to know the condition of your foundation? Or what maintenance will be required on your foundation in the near future? Or do you want to expand your building and are you wondering whether the foundation has adequate capacity? Or does the insurance company or a regulatory agency require you to carry out a foundation study? In all these cases Allnamics is your partner for your foundation research.

With years of experience, the foundation specialists of Allnamics carry out such research on a regular basis. With the inspection report and the advice of the experts at Allnamics, you and your foundation are good to go for quite a few years.

StatRapid is one of the methods of Rapid Load Testing

Funderingsonderzoek: visuele inspectie van een funderingspaal

Old foundations are sensitive

Many buildings in the Netherlands have timber pile foundations. The quality and load-bearing capacity of such a foundation decrease over the years. The pace of that process depends, among other things, on the actual timber used, the care taken during construction and whether the piles have been continuously flooded (the degree of groundwater coverage).

Still safe?

The soil profile also plays an important role in the load-bearing capacity of a foundation. Because in the past, pile driving was done purely based on experience, the margin of safety in the foundation may well be less than what is the current practice. As a result, timber pile foundations are often very sensitive to external influences.

But this issue is not limited to just timber piles. The same applies to steel piles as they may be subject to corrosion, which reduces their bearing capacity over time.

The experts at Allnamics

Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts, a Dutch company, is an expert in assessing existing pile foundations. With years of experience in Amsterdam and many other municipalities in The Netherlands, the experts of Allnamics carry out these assessments professionally and thoroughly. The investigation outcome, documented in a report with findings and recommendations, is practical and addresses in clear terms whether, and if so how the existing foundation can be used in the future.

When is a foundation inspection required?

The assessment of an existing foundation can be required for numerous reasons:

  • to determine whether maintenance is required and if so, what kind of maintenance should be done;
  • to determine the current state of the foundation and its load bearing capacity to assess whether it can meet future requirements;
  • as part of a risk assessment associated with nearby construction activities
  • as a result of changing regulations
  • or simply for peace of mind that the building’s foundation is safe and fit for purpose.

The research

Determining the quality of the foundation usually starts with a preliminary investigation consisting of a desk study, a visual inspection of the structure supported by the foundation and assessment of the unevenness in floor levels. If necessary, a part of the foundation is excavated in a second phase of the investigation. The current state of the foundation is then recorded, after which an extensive analysis of the measurement results follows.

Foundation Re-use

Once the quality of a foundation has been determined, the foundation can be reused for a new or renovated superstructure. Assessment of existing foundations for re-use or extended use is one of the expertise of the experts of Allnamics. An example of that is a project of the conversion of an old school building in Breda, see <here>.

Want to know more?

For further information regarding the foundation reuse, assessments, foundation problems, or foundation repair, please get in touch with Remco Offenberg, email :

Funderingsonderzoek van Allnamics: ook onder de vloer moet de fundering worden geinspecteerd en zonodig getest
Visuele inspectie als onderdeel van een totaal funderingsonderzoek van Allnamics: ook onder de vloer moet de fundering worden geinspecteerd en zonodig getest

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