Alternative facts in Pile Testing


Alternative facts in pile testing

Alternative facts in pile testin


Verbeek, Bielefeld






11th Int Stress Wave Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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Verbeek, G.E.H., & Bielefeld, M.W. (2022, September 20). Alternative facts in pile testing. 11th International Conference on Stress Wave Theory and Design and Testing Methods for Deep Foundations (SW2022), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


For many in the foundation testing industry it is not always clear which 'fact' is truly a fact, or merely an opinion (which could be classified as an alternative fact). This paper will discuss a number of 'facts' associated with high strain dynamic testing and review most of them using the stress wave theory. This stress wave theory applied to foundation piles is over 70 years old, and is a great tool to assess 'facts'. Some of the 'facts' have been debunked in the past, but remain popular because of they are easy to apply and because practitioners are simply unable to keep up with the sheer number of papers and articles about the subject. Instead they often limit themselves to reading what is in line with expectations, thereby perpetuating these alternative facts. By providing telling examples this paper hopes to break that cycle.



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