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PDA Testing during pile driving of huge monopiles: the PDR is inside the monopiles without data connection, storing all signals and data on the internal memoy of the PDR

Windpark Fryslân

Allnamics has monitored the pile installation process, recording the hammer blows during pile driving (PDA). Sensors for strain and acceleration were mounted on the inside of a number of piles. No WiFi or cable connection with the sensors is possible from the inside of the pile to a monitoring computer on deck. Consequently, the Allnamics PDR data acquisition system has been set in the ‘data recorder mode’ (stand-alone monitoring). The response to every hammer blow was stored in the internal data memory.


Pile test ‘SONATE’

Preliminary piles were tested for the foundation of a new building ‘Sonate Adagio’ in the center of The Hague, The Netherlands. The so-called HEKBuisPiles were tested with Allnamics’ StatRapid device in line with the new Dutch code NPR7201.

StatRapid Pile Testing


StatRapid for quick and reliable pile testing

Pile Load Testing

Allnamics is all about pile testing. With a wide range of testing techniques, Allnamics is capable to test any type of pile on its integrity, bearing capacity and stiffness. In addition the founders of Allnamics have been pioneers in the field of pile testing, and have been major contributors to the development of various pile testing methods, especially Sonic Integrity Testing, Dynamic Load Testing and Rapid Load Testing.

Driveability Studies for impact and vibratory driving

Pile Driving Predictions are performed to predict the pile, soil and pile driving hammer behavior during installation of foundation piles, incl. large diameter monopiles for Offshore Wind Farms (OWF). Allnamics is capable to perform these studies, or Allnamics can deliver its inhouse developed AllWave software and train you and your staff to perform driveability studies. For both impact and vibratory driving.

Pile Driving Monopile for Offshore Wind Farm Anholt OWF
Allnamics-SIT-USB on CFA pile

Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT / PIT)

From the inventors of the Low Strain Dynamic Testing, to determine the integrity of piles. Allnamics engineers have developed their first SIT equipment back in the 1960s. Based on the gained experience, both in developing equipment and more in performing tests and interpretation of test results, Allnamics has developed the state-of-the-art Pile Integrity Testing monitoring system.


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