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Our Values

Allnamics works with the highest standards of quality. We believe in trustworthy relationships and work hard to maintain them. The company’s approach is to provide a high-quality service compliant with safety regulations, ISO and European standards, data protection, and green policies.

Safety regulations

All Allnamics employees possess all the related safety certificates for working onshore and onshore. After the safety training, Allnamics employees follow an action plan for continuously improving the overall safety of everybody. We take action when needed, report any unsafe operation, investigate and improve our procedures and promote safety.

Green Policies and Sustainability

Allnamics is engaged in sustainable development. Through pile testing, we optimize pile dimensions, efficiently utilizing material resources and ensuring enough safety without over-designing. To integrate these changes into different construction processes, we take an active role in promoting and providing a better understanding of the importance of optimizing foundations, decarbonization, and reusing foundations.

ISO Certificate

To ensure the best quality for our clients, Allnamics works at high quality and performance standards. Independent auditors have proven that level. As result, we present the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Privacy Statement

Your privacy matters to us. Allnamics ensures that your privacy is managed safely. That is why cookies are only limited used on this website. Please let us know if you want to delete your name and E-mail address from our database. Otherwise, your data will automatically be deleted ten years after the last contact. Please read our cookie policy and our privacy statement here.

Work with us

Do you like the scope of work of Allnamics as well? And want to be part of our team? Contact us, and we can see if you fit in our team as well.


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