Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam


Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam

Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam

Re-use of old foundations in Amsterdam


Offenberg, R. ; van Delft, M.; Bielefeld, M.W.






International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement

Smart Construction for the Future

Berlin 2022

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The question of the continued suitability of existing foundations arises when the function of the superstructure changes. This can occur when the superstructure is replaced or when the existing
structure is expanded, leading to higher loads on the existing foundation. Quite often it is a challenge to define the suitability (with respect to integrity, bearing capacity or both). The lack of information on the existing foundation (such as pile dimensions, installation records, original soil investigation, design calculations, etc.) makes it frequently seemingly impossible to assess whether the foundation or foundation elements can be re-used. The paper outlines the tools available to an engineer to evaluate existing foundation piles for potential re-use. The paper illustrates the application of these tools through a few case studies from The Netherlands, including the evaluation of a 400 years old bridge foundation to address increasing traffic loads.



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