Keynote lecture: Statnamic the engineering of art.


Middendorp. P.






International Conference on Application of Stress Wave Theory to Piles, Sao Paulo, Brazil


The success of Statnamic stems for a significant part from the concepts and ideas generated by 'artist-engineers' and 'engineer-artists'. According to Brandl (2000): an excellent engineer requires not only a firm theoretical knowledge but also comprehensive experience as well as engineering feeling and intuition in equal parts. The author would like to add: the ability to be creative and think in unconventional ways.

One of the keys to the success of Statnamic can be further explained by the high degree of international cooperation and research, which has brought the technology to the forefront. The Statnamic community originated from the stress wave community and the author is sure that they will remain in close contact. Both have a common interest in the research of dynamic phenomena of soils and the development of tools for the load testing of piles. The incorporation of the ideas of 'artist-engineers' and 'engineer artists' will guarantee more marvels in the development of pile testing applications and other fields of engineering.


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