StatRapid used on instrumented piles for optimization of design parameters for high rise building in The Hague


van Dorp, van Delft, IJnsen






Proc., Pfahl-Symposium 2019, Braunsweigh 107


For a new high rise development in the center of The Hague (NL) heavily loaded piles have to be installed through the existing basement floor of an underground car park. The project and its environmental boundaries required for an optimization of the pile design, beyond the limits of the Dutch design codes for the anticipated pile type. For this reason, it was decided to perform pile load tests on sacrificial, instrumented test piles, in order to establish optimized design parameters for the pile design.

Discussed in this paper are the background of the test procedures, the test method (Rapid Load Testing with StatRapid) and its analysis method. Additionally, the RLT setup and measurement results are discussed including the contributions of toe resistance and shaft friction to the ultimate resistance. The tests were performed with a 40-ton dropmass StatRapid device. This approach made it possible to reduce the number of piles in the original design by 10%.


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