Sustainability simply makes sense for the deep foundation’s industry. Find out why in this article by Gerald Verbeek, Allnamics’ Director of Sustainability, chair of DFI’s Sustainability Committee, and chair of the Conference on Foundations Reuse and Decarbonisation 2022.

This article sets the stage for the special issue on Sustainability of the DFI’s Magazine.

Read the full article <here>.


Allnamics is heavily involved in the Sustainability and Reuse of Foundations. With sustainability becoming every day more relevant, foundation design has to be viewed differently. Decarbonization is the first option: more efficient design reducing volumes of concrete or steel, the use of different materials with lower carbon footprint. This should not be viewed as the only option available: the reuse of existing foundations must be considered as well and even preferred as the most sustainable option.

The experts of Allnamics examined many foundations and checked their on suitability for future use, or reuse.

Ask the experts of Allnamics about their contribution to sustainability, or see here for more info.

Update de funderingslabel met een funderingsonderzoek van de Alnamics Experts


Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use

Conference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use


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