This year, Allnamics was also present at the annual symposium at the TU in Braunschweig on 22 and 23/2/24; the theme was Messen in der Geotechnik. Lectures are given for 1.5 days in a lecture hall at the TU. During breaks and before/after, participants drink their coffee in the stands, including the Allnamics booth. Next year the conference ‘Pfahl Symposium’ will be held in Braunschweig again.

Many students were very interested in the new developments of Allnamics. The modern monitoring equipment for pile testing based on the PDR and the pile testing method of StatRapid. And the simulation techniques for driveability studies with AllWave-PDP and AllWave-VPD. The combination of VDP and VDA, in particular, received a lot of attention.

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