Allnamics has been heavily involved in organizing the 11th edition of the Stress Wave Conference, held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, September 2022. Together with the organizing partners, an attractive program has been presented where theory meets practice and vice versa. It included both indoor activities, with a total of almost 90 papers, and outdoor activities.

At the Maasvlakte, the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event took place, generating a lot of interest in pile testing and stress wave applications; And generating data for further analysis and research.

Allnamics is looking forward to the upcoming 12th edition of the Stress Wave Conference, held in Singapore in 2025 !

Allnamics at Stress Wave Conference

Allnamics at the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event

During the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event on the Maasvlakte, Allnamics demonstrated the StatRapid pile load testing. Several piles have been tested by the StatRapid test method. Allnamics has submitted the results to the organizing committee. They will present the results of all pile tests, low and high strain, and the prediction event results on the Stress Wave Conference website,

Keynote lecture Peter Middendorp

During the 11th International Stress Wave Confererence (, Allnamics Peter Middendorp gave a keynote lecture about 80 years (and longer) of stress wave phenomena in piles. The title of his lecture is ‘More than 80 Years of Experience, evolving from Graphical Analysis to Driveability Automation with the Methods of Characteristics.’

A thorough explanation of the ‘old school’ graphical method of characteristics to understand stress wave phenomena. Everyone can use this Method of Characteristics. It is easy, no need for a computer; paper and pen will do.

Look at Peter’s presentation, his keynote paper, or the handouts.

SW2022 Keynote Lecture Peter Middendorp

SW2022 - Allnamics Jackets
Marcel Bielefeld and former TNO colleague Fokke Reiding wearing the Allnamics Jacket

Allnamics Jackets

During the Demonstration, Testing & Prediction Event on the Maasvlakte, the warm jackets of Allnamics became very popular. With the warm lining, the jackets were very popular with visitors from overseas warm areas. Although European sizes do not always fit everyone, the jackets protected the wearer against the Dutch cold weather. That Friday was a beautiful day, with sunny weather and temperatures slightly below 20 degrees Celsius. Typical for The Netherlands, the weather changed in a short time. Short for the closing ceremony of the Conference, clouds overtook the reclaimed piece of land in the North Sea. The wind was picking up, finishing the day with strong rains.

Finally, we still have the pictures. Check if your photo is on our website…. Click here

Monitoring at the Maasvlakte

At the Maasvlakte, several pile types have been installed for testing and demonstration:

  • Steel open-ended piles, diameters 610 and 1220 mm
  • Precast Concrete piles
  • Cast in situ piles

During the pile installation process of the steel and concrete precast piles, Allnamics performed PDA and VDA monitoring. The results, hammer performance, pile stresses, and soil resistances have been monitored. results will be made available by the organizing committee of the Stress Wave Conference.

Exhibitor at SW2022

Allnamics exhibitor at SW2022

Allnamics is one of the exhibitors at the Stress Wave Conference. Please visit us at our booth. Enjoy the delicious ‘Goudse Stroopwafels’ and have a talk with our experts and staff. If you want to know more about the products and services of Allnamics Geotechnical & Pile Testing Experts, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail or phone.

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