Vibratory Driving Analysis (VDA)

VDA monitoring during vibro driving reduces the risk of damage to both the pile and the hammer and allows the contractor to drive the pile efficiently to the optimum or required depth

Set for RLT – StatRapid Load Testing

  The set for StatRapid Load Testing consists of the PDR data acquisition system, the high end 50g acceleration sensor, load cells, the optional sisterbars for measuring strain in a concrete [...]

Set for DLT – Dynamic Load Testing

  The set for Dynamic Load Testing DLT and Pile Driving Monitoring PDM or PDA includes the PDR, two combined strain and accelerations sensors, connecting cables, tools for mounting the [...]

Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT/PIT)

  The test set for Sonic Integrity Testing consists of a SIT USB sensor, to connect directly to the USB port of your monitoring laptop or tablet, a dedicated hammer with special hammer caps, [...]