Vibratory Driving Analysis (VDA)

VDA monitoring during vibro driving reduces the risk of damage to both the pile and the hammer and allows the contractor to drive the pile efficiently to the optimum or required depth


Allnamics SPT-Bar measures the energy transferred through an instrumented SPT rod during a Standard Penetration Test (SPT). With this device, measured N-values can be adjusted to normalized N60 [...]

Quad PDR

The Quad PDR Monitoring Device has been developed for measuring up to 16 channels during Static and Dynamic Load Tests. Connect the sensors for load and displacements, or oil pressure. Ad [...]

Test Box

For testing and calibration of your PDR system, this Test Box can be handy. Connected to your PDR, the Test Box generates both calibrated artificial test signals to check the performance of your [...]

Acceleration Sensors

The high quality acceleration sensors range from low to high levels of accelerations. Depending on its application, one of the high end accelerometers is suitable to perform the test. 50g – [...]

Wi-Fi External Power Antenna

For an extended range and an ultimate reliable Wi-Fi connection between PDR and monitoring PC or Laptop, Allnamics delivers a powerful external Wi-Fi antenna for your PC.

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