Course PDA/DLT Kasktas, Turkey

In November 2012 the Allnamics Academy has presented a course for engineers of Kasktas on Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) and Dynamic Load Testing (DLT). Apart from a thorough explanation of the [...]

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, China

  Allnamics has been involved in the construction of two artificial islands for the bridge-tunnel-bridge connection between Hong Kong and Macau. Allnamics performed the vibratory driving [...]

PDA and DLT Cartagena, Colombia

For the highway from Cartagena to Barranquila, Colombia, the approx. 6 km long bridge “Viaducto Gran Manglar” is built just north of Cartagena through a shallow lagoon with mangroves. Mangroves [...]

StatRapid measurements near Brugge Belgium

Using the 8 MN StatRapid Allnamics performed Rapid Load Testing on steel pipe piles for the foundation of the movable bridge over the Boudewijn Canal near Brugge in Belgium in March 2015. The [...]

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