StatRapid test on CSM panels in Breda

StatRapid tests were recently carried out in Breda to check the load capacity of CSM panels, a first. The development of Cosunpark in Breda consists of repurposing the former Sugar Union [...]

Riffgat Wind Farm Project, 2012 Germany

  The Riffgat Wind Farm project is located on the North Sea near the German island of Borkum and comprises the installation of 30 steel mono-piles on which 30 windmills will be placed. The [...]

Course PDA/DLT Kasktas, Turkey

In November 2012 the Allnamics Academy has presented a course for engineers of Kasktas on Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) and Dynamic Load Testing (DLT). Apart from a thorough explanation of the [...]

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, China

  Allnamics has been involved in the construction of two artificial islands for the bridge-tunnel-bridge connection between Hong Kong and Macau. Allnamics performed the vibratory driving [...]

PDA and DLT Cartagena, Colombia

For the highway from Cartagena to Barranquila, Colombia, the approx. 6 km long bridge “Viaducto Gran Manglar” is built just north of Cartagena through a shallow lagoon with mangroves. Mangroves [...]

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