In October 2014 Allnamics performed PDA and DLT on test piles for the foundations of two wind turbines near Urk in The Netherlands.

The foundation for these wind turbines, which have a tower height of more than 100 meters (330 ft) and a capacity of 7 MW, each consist of 60 prefabricated square concrete piles (500 x 500 mm2, 20 x 20 in2) with a length between 19 and 23 meters (63 and 77 ft)

The PDA was performed with Allnamics’ wireless PDR, which allowed for registration and recording of all relevant hammer blow data, such as the transferred energy, the stresses in the pile and the dynamic pile resistance.

The end-of-drive data for each test pile were analyzed using Allnamics AllWave-DLT signal matching software to determine the lower limit of the static pile resistance.


Foto 1 : PDR and the combined sensors mounted on the pile


Foto 2 : No problems with cables during lifting :-).


Foto 3 : Wireless data collection during pile driving.


Shortly thereafter these piles were subjected to a Rapid Load Test using Allnamics’ StatRapid.

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Dynamic Load Testing on prefab concrete piles