In February 2015 Allnamics trained 6 staff members of BAM international in the use of the Allnamics’ PDR for proper data acquisition during Pile Driving Analysis and Dynamic Load Testing.

As usual the training started with a day in the Allnamics office to cover the theory, during which the trainees had to derive equations for the one-dimensional wave theory.  For some this is pretty tough, but after this session participants always have a good idea of what happens with a pile as it is driven into the ground and they can not only interpret field measurements, but also distinguish between good and bad data sets.

Day 1 Theory First

The second day was a field day.  Thanks to the company Hektec all trainees had the opportunity to install sensors as well as connect and operate the equipment.  This is important aspect of mastering the process, and with these sensors real data were then obtained during an actual hammer blow later in the day.

Day 2 Dry Practice


Day 2 Overview test location


Day 2 Two groups who can drill best

Group 1 : Sensor mounted!

Group 2 : Is the sensor ok?


Do it yourself. Then you learn the most. Proper mounting of sensors is very important. On the one hand the sensors must be very tight and on the other hand the sensors must be mounted “without stress”. How do you manage that? You learn that during this PDA / DLT course at Allnamics.






Day 2 Examining the data on site

The third and final day was back in the office, during which not only the data collected the previous day were reviewed, but also many data sets from projects Allnamics performed around the world over the years.

Day 3 evaluating and understanding data.


Obviously the training does not necessarily end at the end of this third day when the participants leave with the course material.  Allnamics staff is always available to support the course participants whenever they need some additional help.

With the PDR data can be acquired to monitor the pile driving process, but it can also be used during Static Load Testing (SLT) and Rapid Load Testing (RLT) of deep foundation elements.

If you need additional information on the PDR or a training course PDADLT, please feel free to contact us

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PDR and connected sensors ready for PDA monitoring