March 2016 Allnamics took part in a research project establishing a relation between pile driving and vibrations in a building as a function of distance. Within this project strains and accelerations in the steel tubular pile during driving were recorded with the Allnamics PDR-system for Pile Driving Analysis.

With the monitoring and processing software the recorded strains and accelerations are analysed and forces, velocities and stresses (and other quantities) acting on the pile during driving can be calculated. A selection of photographs covering this research project are presented below. During driving a variety of monitoring in and at the building was conducted. Among others vibration monitoring with multiple systems was performed and accelerations and strains were recorded in the masonry at various locations.

Because the building had to be demolished for erecting the new headquarters of piling contractor Gebr. Van ’t Hek the test pile could be driven in extreme close proximity of the building.

Apart from Allnamics, Fides Expertise, TNO, Leiderdorp Instruments and Hektec were involved in the research project.

In case you are interested in more information on Pile Driving Analysis or this particular research project, please feel free to contact us.

Photo 1 : Instrumentation on pile prior to lifting.


Photo 2 : Strain monitoring masonry on both in- and outside of building.


Photo 3 : Vibration monitoring building with geophones and accelerometers.


Photo 4 : Vibration monitoring inside the building with geophones and accelerometers.


Photo 5 : Pile driving as close as possible to the building.


Photo 6 : The instrumented, driven pile (on the right) and a selection of structural monitoring sensors attached to the building.



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