On August 8th and 9th, 2016 Allnamics performed, together with Fugro and Fides, vibration monitoring at a test location in Terneuzen NL.

At the test location several abandoned buildings were available for monitoring the vibrations caused by a test drive of 3 large diameter steel tube piles. The piles were vibrated in up to refusal and then driven to final penetration with a large hydraulic hammer. This presented the researchers the opportunity to examine the buildings while being exposed to large vibrations and assess whether the building showed any resulting damage.
The vibration monitoring was carried out with 24 monitoring systems with 3 channel geophones on 4 separate buildings. The results of the measurements have been submitted to the SBRCUR committee updating the guidelines on vibration nuisance.

Photo 1 The vibro hammer

Foto 2 : Vibration Monitoring during impact driving

Photo 3 Vibration monitoring on a building

Photo 4 Vibration monitoring



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