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Who are we?

Allnamics is a group of experts in the field of geology, geotechnics and foundation engineering. They can act as consultants or actually perform pile testing and geotechnical monitoring, both onshore as offshore. If you feel we can support you or your organization, please do contact us.


The history of Allnamics goes back to the 1970s when the oil was discovered in the North Sea. When huge structures were built and subsequently placed on the sea bed the need arose to check the foundations. This is when Peter Middendorp and Marcel Bielefeld, both working for TNO Building and Construction Research Institute at the time, laid the foundation of what is now Allnamics.

Allnamics itself was founded in 2011 by 5 experienced engineers in the field of pile testing, geotechnical monitoring and soil mechanics, and this team continues to increase in size as Allnamics expands its operations.

In 2012 a state-of-the-art wireless monitoring system, the PDR, as well as other advanced monitoring equipment were developed. With a detailed knowledge of all types of pile testing techniques, the ever expanding team of highly educated, yet practical experts of Allnamics is ready to support and assist our clients around the world.


Allnamics is working from their world wide offices, in The Netherlands, The Hague and Amsterdam, Singapore, USA and Spain. Allnamics is commercially working together with agents and representatives in many countries in the field of pile tests and geology, geotechnics, soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Allnamics Academy: training on site

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Our Team

At Allnamics, experienced experts are working. Main expertises are in the field of geology, geotechnics and foundation engineering. If you need some advice, please do contact one of our experts.

  • Kim Dekker BSC
    Kim Dekker BSC

    Kim is one of the experts in assessing existing foundations for re-use or extended use. As one of the pile testing experts, Kim has been involved in many pile test campaigns in Europe and Africa, offshore and onshore.

  • Maarten Raupp MSC MSRE
    Maarten Raupp MSC MSRE

    Maarten is one of the senior foundation engineers with experience in both geotechnical engineering and pile testing. With his international background, he works on foundations in and outside The Netherlands.

  • Rutger Buitenhuis MSc
    Rutger Buitenhuis MSc

    Rutger is one of the junior pile testing and geotechnical engineers and already an expert in driveability studies for impact and vibratory driving in both onshore and offshore projects.

  • Peter Middendorp MSc
    Peter Middendorp MSc

    Peter Middendorp is one of the founding fathers of Allnamics. As a foundation engineer he successfully developed PDA and DLT in Europe, developed Rapid Load Tests like StatNamic and StatRapid and is an ambassador for the application of the stress wave theory to piles. You can contact Peter at

  • Remco Offenberg
    Remco Offenberg

    Specialist for the investigation and judgement of existing foundations, including old foundations, like the ones in Amsterdam.
    As a foundation specialist involved in re-use and durability studies of many foundations, both from a technical and economic point of view.

  • Joost Bakker MSc
    Joost Bakker MSc

    Joost Bakker is the primary contact within Allnamics for the many offshore and nearshore-related projects. With an impressive track record for offshore pile testing, both during installation and after completing the structure.
    For all your offshore or water-related projects, contact Joost at

  • Marcel Bielefeld MSc MScBA
    Marcel Bielefeld MSc MScBA

    Many years of experience in geotechnical and foundation engineering, as a specialist in concrete piles, and in running a business makes Marcel Bielefeld your contact for international business.
    Contact Marcel at

  • Martijn van Delft MSc
    Martijn van Delft MSc

    Martijn van Delft has experience in many aspects of geotechnical engineering and monitoring. At Allnamics, Martijn is primarily the contact person for all geotechnical measurements. From settlement measurements to pile measurements, from static to dynamic measurements, and for vibration measurements, as well as vibration predictions.
    Contact Martijn at

  • Kevin van Velzen BSc
    Kevin van Velzen BSc

    Kevin is a specialist in inspecting and determining the quality of existing, old and new foundations for maintenance plans and extended use or re-use. He learned the basics of this specialism in Amsterdam, and expanded this knowledge over other countries.
    Kevin is also a specialist in the prediction and monitoring of vibrations of ground and structures due to pile driving, traffic, etc.
    Contact Kevin at

  • Rob van Dorp MSc
    Rob van Dorp MSc

    Being an expert in the field of behaviour of foundation piles during driving and pile testing, Rob van Dorp has gathered a huge amount of experience. As one of Allnamics geotechnical experts, Rob is primary in charge of the design of (deep) foundations, pile foundations, cofferdams, etc. Also the testing of these foundations, either by static, dynamic or StatRapid Tests.
    Want to know more? Contact Rob at

Our Values

Allnamics works with the highest standards of quality. We believe in trustworthy relationships and we work hard to maintain them. The company approach is to provide a high quality service compliant with safety regulations, ISO and European standards, data protection and green policies.

Safety regulations

All Allnamics employees do possess all the related safety certificates both for working onshore and onshore as well as all the top of the line safety equipment. After the safety trainings, Allnamics employees follow an active plan to continue improving the overall safety of everybody. We take action when needed, report any unsafe operation, investigate and improve our current procedures and promote safety within each one of our training courses, both for field construction work as well as for design from the office. Want to know more? Contact Joost Bakker at

Green Policies and Sustainability

Allnamics, although a relatively medium-small company is nonetheless engaged in sustainable development. Through pile testing we are able to optimize pile dimensions, efficiently utilizing material resources, both ensuring enough safety without over-designing. To integrate these changes into different construction strategies, we take an active role into promoting and providing understanding of the importance of optimization. Want to know more? Contact Joost Bakker at

ISO Certificate

To ensure the best quality to our clients, Allnamics works at high quality and performance standards. Independent auditors have proven that level. As result we present the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Privacy Statement

Allnamics ensures that your personal data is managed safely. That is why cookies make limited use in this website. If you want to delete your name and E-mail address from our database, please let us know. Otherwise, your data will automatically be deleted 10 years after the last contact. Read our cookie policy and our privacy statement here.

Work with us

Do you like the scope of work of Allnamics as well? And want to be part of our team? Contact us, and we can see if you fit in our team as well.

Career at Allnamics

Allnamics is always looking for new talents. So, if you like the work we do, and see yourself adding your skills to our (international) team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Marcel Bielefeld at

StatRapid for quick and reliable pile testing
Allnamics Academy: training in theory, analysis and interpretation of signals and results

Trainees and internship

For well educated and highly motivated students, Allnamics has many projects waiting. Those include bachelor and master thesis and much more.
Contact Marcel Bielefeld,

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