Remote vibration monitoring is business as usual for Allnamics. Vibration sensors are setup at a building site and the measuring results are monitored on a computer at one of the offices in The Netherlands. While ‘Remote’ is usually not more than 500 km far from one of the offices.

A current project has given a complete new meaning to the term ‘remote’: controlling the vibrations at Allnamics office in the cold and windy Holland during pile driving activities at the beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia, a location about 7.000 km (4,500 miles) away!

This map gives you an impression of St. Lucia’s location relative to the Netherlands.

Within 2 min both monitoring systems came online and measurements could begin.

Incoming data could be viewed graphically.

Evaluation Diagram according to SBR-A Guideline.

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PDA Testing during pile driving of huge monopiles: the PDR is inside the monopiles without data connection, storing all signals and data on the internal memoy of the PDRIT$ MONEY