The conference in Berlin, organized by DFI and EFFC has been very successful. One of the main important topics is the sustainability issues of our work. How do deep foundations influence a sustainable world? One of the panel discussions has been moderated by Allnamics colleague Gerald Verbeek. As chair of the Sustainability Committee, he and the panelists shared information and opinion on how to reduce the impact of foundation works on our environment.

Presentations and panel discussions during the conference showed how the carbon footprint in the building process could be reduced. From design to execution, from optimizing the design using the Carbon Calculator.

Allnamics also presented how the reuse of existing foundations can contribute to a lower environmental impact. Tools, working steps, and conditions for success were demonstrated in cases in The Hague and Amsterdam.

DFI Conference Berlin 18-20 May 2022

Contribution of Allnamics’ Gerald Verbeek during the panel discussion about sustainability at the DFI Conference in Berlin (18-20 May 2022)

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IT$ MONEYConference on Foundation Decarbonization and Re-use