Recent advances of rapid load testing in Asia and Europe


Chew, S.H.; Middendorp, P.; Bakker J.; Chua G.






Polytechnisch tijdschrift, editie bouwkunde, wegen en waterbouw


Rapid Load Testing (RLT), by which a quasi-static load is applied to a foundation pile, is used increas- ingly as an alternative to static load testing (SLT) and high strain dynamic testing (HSDT), commonly referred to as dynamic load testing (DLT), for cast in- situ piles, such as drilled shafts. It is recognized now- adays that the determination of the pile capacity with DLT through signal matching techniques such as CAPWAP, TNOWAVE and AllWave-DLT yield a wide spread of results (Stahlmann et. Al, 2012), making it practically impossible to calibrate the DLT results with SLT results. This spread is due to the empirical and very subjective assumptions that are used to interpret the test data, irrespective of pile type, but especially for cast in-situ piles (Holeyman et al. 2001, Viana da Fonseca in 2008, Herten et al, 2013).


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