Pile Foundation design philosophy and testing program for a new generation diesel fuel plant


Romano, M.C., Middendorp, P, Doornbos, S.






DFI Conference, Geotechnical Challenges in Urban Regeneration, London, UK


The company NESTE-OIL is building a plant for the production of a new generation NExBTL diesel fuel in the Port of Rotterdam The Netherlands. The fuel is produced from renewable vegetable oil as feedstocks and offers 40-60% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional diesel fuel. Technip Italy acts as the project’s main contractor and is responsible for the design of the plant foundations. Pile foundation subcontractor Terracon installed more than 4000 piles. An extensive pile testing program has been performed by Profound before and during piling production. The paper will describe the philosophy behind the foundation design and present the results and comparison of the pile testing program incorporating Static load tests (SLT) and Statnamic load tests (STN).


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