Allnamics SPT-Bar measures the energy transferred through an instrumented SPT rod during a Standard Penetration Test (SPT). With this device, measured N-values can be adjusted to normalized N60 [...]

Quad PDR

The Quad PDR Monitoring Device has been developed for measuring up to 16 channels during Static and Dynamic Load Tests. Connect the sensors for load and displacements, or oil pressure. Ad [...]

Test Box

For testing and calibration of your PDR system, this Test Box can be handy. Connected to your PDR, the Test Box generates both calibrated artificial test signals to check the performance of your [...]

Wi-Fi External Power Antenna

For an extended range and an ultimate reliable Wi-Fi connection between PDR and monitoring PC or Laptop, Allnamics delivers a powerful external Wi-Fi antenna for your PC.

Combined Strain and Acceleration Sensor

For High Strain Pile testing, like PDA/PDM or DLT, strains and accelerations are measured. Therefore Allnamics has developed the combined strain/accelerometer to mount easily on concrete or steel [...]


The multipurpose 4-channel monitoring unit for measuring dynamic events, e.g. pile driving monitoring, StatRapid, StatNamic, Dynamic Load Testing, as well as Static Load Testing. It communicates [...]

Pile Integrity Testing PIT/SIT

For low strain testing of concrete piles, to determine the integrity of piles, Allnamics engineers have developed their first SIT equipment back in 1970. Based on the gained experience, both in [...]

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