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Allnamics is a company around a group of experienced experts working in the field of geology, geotechnics and foundation engineering. Working as a consultant or by performing all types of pile testing and geotechnical monitoring, both onshore as offshore.
If you need some advice, please do contact one of our experts.



The history of Allnamics goes back to the 1970’s, when the oil industry had discovered oil in formations far below the seabed of the North Sea. When huge structures were build and positioned at the seabed of the North Sea, checks on the quality of the foundations became essential. With Peter Middendorp and later Marcel Bielefeld working for TNO Building and Construction Research Institute at that time, the base for current Allnamics had been laid.

Allnamics was founded in 2011 by 5 experienced engineers in the field of pile testing, geotechnical monitoring and soil mechanics. The team has expanded with more and more experts since.

In 2012 Allnamics developed a state of the art monitoring system, the PDR. On top of many new features, the PDR is the first wireless application in pile testing worldwide. With new products, advanced developments of monitoring equipment and services, embedding Rapid Load Testing like StatNamic and StatRapid in current building industry, and an expanding team of highly educated, practical and experienced experts, Allnamics is ready for future expansion.


Allnamics is working from their world wide offices, in The Netherlands in The Hague and Amsterdam, and in Singapore, USA and Spain. Allnamics is commercially working together with agents and representatives in many countries in the field of pile tests and geology, geotechnics, soil mechanics and foundation engineering.


At Allnamics, experienced experts are working. Experts in the field of geology, geotechnics and foundation engineering. If you need some advice, please do contact one of our experts.

  • Rob van Dorp MSc
    Rob van Dorp MSc

    Being an expert in the field of behaviour of foundation piles during driving and pile testing, Rob van Dorp has gathered a huge amount of experience. As one of Allnamics geotechnical experts, Rob is primary in charge of the design of (deep) foundations, pile foundations, cofferdams, etc. Also the testing of these foundations, either by static, dynamic or StatRapid Tests.
    Want to know more? Contact Rob at

  • Peter Middendorp MSc
    Peter Middendorp MSc

    Peter Middendorp is one of the founding fathers of Allnamics. As foundation engineer he successfully developed PDA and DLT in Europe, developed Rapid Load Tests like StatNamic and StatRapid and is an ambassador for the application of the stress wave theory to piles. You can contact Peter at

  • Kevin van Velzen BSc
    Kevin van Velzen BSc

    Kevin is specialist in inspecting and determining the quality and required maintenance of the foundations of existing and old buildings. Learned the basics of this specialism in Amsterdam, he’s now expanding this knowledge over other countries as well.
    In addition to that, Kevin is regularly seen at foundation monitoring, pile testing and geotechnical monitoring projects.
    Kevin is also specialist in prediction and monitoring of vibrations of ground and structures, due to driving, traffic, etc.
    Contact Kevin at

  • Nicolás Moscoso
    Nicolás Moscoso

    Nicolás is expert in the field of installation of sheet pile walls and piles by means of driving by vibratory hammers. With a Master Thesis about the complex behaviour of soil and piles during installation by a vibratory hammer, he is one of the world’s leading experts on this topic. Nicolás is running the Allnamics business in Spain and South America. Contact Nicolás at

  • Remco Offenberg
    Remco Offenberg

    Specialist for the investigation and judgement of existing foundations, including old foundations, like the ones in Amsterdam.
    As specialist involved in durability studies of many foundations, both from a technical as an economical point of view.

  • Joost Bakker MSc
    Joost Bakker MSc

    The main contact person within Allnamics for the many offshore and nearshore related projects is Joost Bakker. With an impressive track record for offshore pile testing, both during installation and after completing the structure.
    For all your offshore or water-related projects, please contact Joost Bakker at

  • Martijn van Delft MSc
    Martijn van Delft MSc

    Martijn van Delft has experience on many aspects of geotechnical engineering and monitoring. At Allnamics, Martijn is primarily the contact person for all geotechnical measurements. From settlement measurements to pile measurements, from static to dynamic measurements, and for vibration measurements (as well as vibration predictions).
    Contact Martijn at:

  • Marcel Bielefeld MSc MScBA
    Marcel Bielefeld MSc MScBA

    Many years of experience in geotechnical and foundation engineering, as specialist in concrete piles, and in running business makes Marcel Bielefeld your contact for international business.
    Contact Marcel at

Work at Allnamics

Do you like the scope of work of Allnamics as well? And want to be part of our team? Contact us, and we can see if you fit in our team as well. Contact Marcel Bielefeld at

Career at Allnamics

Allnamics is always looking for new talents. So, if you like the work we do, and see yourself adding your skills to our (international) team, don’t hesitate to contact us. Contact Marcel Bielefeld at


Trainees and internship

For well educated and highly motivated students, Allnamics has some projects waiting. Including bachelor and master thesis.
Contact Marcel Bielefeld,

ISO Certificates

Allnamics works at high quality and performance standards. Audits of independent auditors have proven that. As proof we present the ISO9001 Quality Certificate.

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